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McAleney Wealth Management, LLC

Jon C. McAleney


350 Main Street Suite 3A

Bedminster, NJ 07921


February 2012

Hi Everyone!Wow no snow yet and it’s Febuary! Can you believe it? It’s sure helping  all of our heating bills!

Febuary also brings the time we start getting all your 1099’s. Most companies should have the 1099’s out by Feb 15th unless it’s apartnership investment which is March15th.

If you have any questions about your 1099’s, reach out to that insitution for an explaination or your CPA.

Enjoy the warm weather!!

Jon C. McAleney

Keeping Market Volatility in Perspective
When markets are volatile, sticking to a long-term investing strategy can be a challenge. It might help keep the ups and down in perspective to see how recent market action compares to previous market cycles.
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Retirement Plan and IRA Limits for 2012
Many retirement plan and IRA limits are indexed for inflation each year. Many of the limits have increased for 2012.
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2011 Tax Season Considerations
You don’t want to pay more in tax than you have to. That means taking advantage of every deduction and credit that you’re entitled to, and recognizing potential opportunities to save.
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With mortgage rates so low, does it make sense to refinance?
Historically low mortgage interest rates have prompted many homeowners to think seriously about refinancing, but there’s a lot you need to consider before filling out a loan application.
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If I owe more than my home is worth, will I be able to refinance?
Home values across the country have declined, and many homeowners owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. When you’re “underwater” on your mortgage, it may be possible to refinance, but it will depend on your circumstances and the type of mortgage you have.
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