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July 12th, 2019 – Meeting

Kris Yee – Show Boat:  Kris Yee is our Property & Casualty Agent of the group.  He owns Essential Insurances.  Kris spoke about gaps in insurance coverage.  He talked about being a pizza delivery driver and the fact that if you are using your own car there is no coverage in the event of an accident.  He also discussed homeowner’s insurance and something called loss assessment.  He then spoke about what happens if a homeowner’s association gets sued and how they can assess the members.  He also talked about what happens if you have a full-time worker in your home and hurricane deductibles on a home which could be either a deductible versus a percentage.  If you or anyone you know would like Kris to look at your coverage and discuss any coverage gaps as well as re-pricing your auto, home, and umbrella insurance please keep Kris Yee in mind for your next referral. 

Essential Insurance Services LLC Insurance Property and Casualty +1 732-527-3386 kris.yee@essentialinsurances.com

Jeff Scotti – Show Boat:    ScottiDesign.com Jeff Scotti is our website/SEO/Lead Generation expert in our group.  For his show boat he discussed the fact that websites are a crucial component of internet marketing.  He said that when they do website design you own your own website.  Jeff is a wealth of information when it comes to website design, Search Engine Optimization and lead generation utilizing the internet and social media.  If you or anyone you know has need of these services, please keep Jeff Scotti in mind for your next referral.   

Scottidesign.com  Internet Consultant +1 908-333-5871 jeff@scottidesign.com

Bob Wanamaker– Speaker:    Bob Wanamaker owns Hilltop Title and is our Title Insurance Agent for the group.  He spoke about the fact that it is a profession that he enjoys and how it involves representing an underwriter.  He talked about how they research public records.  He said overall Title Insurance claims are very low.  He said that in the State of New Jersey there were $90 Million in Title Insurance claims.  He said in the grand scheme of things that is a relatively low number.  He also said that the Title Insurance business is cyclical in nature with ebbs and flows.  If you or someone you know needs a seasoned professional in the Title Insurance Industry please keep Bob Wanamaker in mind for your next referral. 

Hilltop Title LLC Title Insurance +1 973-479-2866 rdw@hilltoptitle.com

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