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July 19th, 2019 – Meeting

Donald Pollard – Show Boat:   Don Pollard is with the UPS Store.  He spoke briefly about the fact that if you have a package from Amazon that you want to return you can take it to the UPS Store.  Also, if you have Amazon Prime then the returns can be handled for free.  The UPS Store is paid a flat fee of $1.25 to handle the returns for Amazon.  As all of you know the UPS Store has the ing program which includes return-ing items from Amazon.  If you or anyone you know needs shipping, printing and returning please think of Don Pollard from the UPS Store for you next referral.  

Jon McAleney – Show Boat:   Jon McAleney is the wealth manager of our group and his company is McAleney Wealth Management.  Jon handles retirement and estate planning.  Jon talked about the fact that in many cases Executors and Beneficiaries really don’t know what they are doing.  In some cases, it has to do with a second property.   Individuals and couples need to choose the right executor for their will.  Jon is seeing various estates that have problems.  He said that communication is key when dealing with your estate.   If you or anyone you know needs a well-seasoned, professional wealth manager who works in the retirement and estate planning arena please think of Jon for your next referral. 

Roselynd Hughes – Speaker:    Roselynd Hughes is our realtor with Keller Williams.  She said that the real estate market is starting to experience a down-shift.  The market is on a seven-year cycle.  She said that prices are coming down.  She also gave us an over-view of various locations.  Please see the below statistics.  If you or anyone you know is interested in an experienced, professional realtor please think of Roselynd for your next referral. 

Green Twp

2019                                                                  2018 

0-400K   4 homes sold                                      0- 400k   8 homes sold 

400- 600 k   8 homes sold                                 4-600k   6 homes sold 

12 homes sold in 2019 2nd Qtr                         6-800K  1 home sold 

                                                                          15 homes sold in 2018 


22% decrease 2018 vs 2019  

There re 40 actives homes and 11 homes under contract in Green Twp

8 month supply = a buyers market 



2019                                                           2018 

0-400   2  sold                                            0-400k   4 homes sold

4-600k  7 sold                                            4-600k   6 sold

6-800k  8 sold                                            6-800k   4 sold 

8-million   2 sold                                        8-million  6 sold 

over 2 Million – 2 sold                                over 2Million – 1 sold 

22 homes sold in 2019                              25 homes sold in 2018 

112 Active homes on the market 63 are a million plus. 25 under contract 

13% decrease 2018 vs 2019 

13 month supply = buyers market 


long valley 

2019                                                          2018

0-400k  27 sold                                         0-400k   35 sold

4-600k  28 sold                                         4-600k    30 sold

6-800k  8 sold                                           6-800k    11 sold

8-million – 2 sold                                        800-million – 1 sold 

65 homes sold in 2019                              77 homes sold in 2018

136 actives 3 are over a million , 45 under contract 

17% decrease 2019 vs 2018 

6 month supply almost an even market . 


2019                                                                    2018 

0-400k     3 sold                                                   0-400k   4 sold 

4-600k     12 sold                                                 4-600k    14sold 

6-800k     12 sold                                                 6-800k    15sold 

8-million    5 sold                                                  8-million   9 sold 

over 2million – 3 sold                                            over 2 million  – 4 sold 

35 homes sold in 2019                                        46 sold in 2018

118 actives, 32 over million, 27 under contract 

9 months supply = buyers market 



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